Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Persuasive Writing

Description: For writing we have been learning about persausive writing, for this task we have been doing a peice of writing about a useless item I have been writing about an apple core. I think I am good at hooking the audience in writing my story but next time I think I need to work on using more emotive langauge.

The Useless Apple Core

You know you want it. This apple core is not any old apple core. It’s an apple core with a worm farm inside! It’s an apple core with the pet you have always wanted. You also get lots of them. Do you hate buying everything for an animal a house and everything well this apple core can live in your garden and stay home alone and doesn’t even wine it’s always happy. For the cheap price of $23.00 you can have the pet you have always wanted. Just come and get the best offer NOW! Offer ends SUNDAY!

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