Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Arcade Game

A couple weeks ago we did an arcade about earthquakes. We made our own games on scratch junior or gamefroot. I made mine on gamefroot. Classes came in one at a time and played out games. We made instructions for our people that played our games. We had so much fun.

Next time I think I should make it a bit easier for the little kids
I think I did well at managing my time and kept focus.
I got challenged when I a didn't have a computer to work so I couldn't find a way to solve it.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Maths strategy

 This is my maths strategy I have learnt in math with Joy. We made a show me to help us explain it.

Minecraft School

This is our minecraft school.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dice writing

This is our dice writing we did together. There was dice 1 and dice 2 up on the board, in the colum dice 1. We had to have 2 dice and one person had to roll one Dice and the other person had to roll the other dice, then whatever number got you would have to write a sentence being that thing.

Dice 1                                  Dice 2 
                                            1 short sentence 2-4 words
                                             2. Alliteration 
                                             3. Onamatapa
1 what you see.                  4. Long compaund sentence 
                                           5. Simile
                                           6. Medium sentence
2 what you do.
3 what you say.
4 what you think. 
5 what you hear.

Snuffle,Snuffle,Snuffle! I see rubbish rattling round. I feel cold and hungry. Clucking chickens. Look dogs! Be careful, come here. I see a stone at the window. Smash! I run to her. I think will she take us home? Should I take them to the police station. We feel excited she's taking us home. Stumble, Stumble, Stumble.What was that? It was like I tripped over a giant rock. It was a puppy . A husky.it a boy or a girl? It is a boy what should we name it? STRUCK! We here a storm about to strike. The puppy get hurt by the lightening. We should call the puppy storm. Now we are in a police dog game. Living our life chasing bad guys. Still me and you.

                                           by Jayde and Ruby