Monday, 23 November 2015

Go Feet Go!




Get behind the line please. On your marks get set ready go! Hi I'm “Sock n Nike” and I'm at athletics! I hate it. We go as fast as we can move. This is easy, we exclaim just as we get to the hard part. Oh no! I take back what I mentioned before, this is not easy, this is like a marathon. I can't take it anymore. It's as long as a giraffe's neck. Keep running, go feet go! I take a step over the finish line and came eighth overall. Now let's move on to our next rotation. High jump. I jump higher and higher, it's only me and Emily left. Emily knocks it over and I make it over and win. Yay, it's the end of the day and I'm sweaty and hot. I need to go home and wash. Ouch I'm sore. I can't go much longer. I'm going to make Ruby collapse. It's going to be all because of me. This is scary now, I can't see a mouse hole out of these stupid shoes or socks. Why can't I let my cute foot, little toe, middle toe, big toe and small toe free and alive? My friend “Charlotte right and left foot”  had the same bad day like me. Hopefully I don't have any more!

The End

Sunday, 8 November 2015

The Sydney Harbor Bridge

The Sydney Harbor Bridge

Have you ever nearly died in your life? I went high up the elevator… round a steep corner, up steps, down steps, weave in and out corners. And finally we are there. 2015 midday at the Sydney harbor bridge, with no one but me and my family. I was up and ready for another great day in Sydney

Suddenly the sydney harbor bridge for the first time ever, shook like nothing before! A truck, bus and a train went across all at the same time! As well as boats going under, people walking across the top and the bottom.

All of a sudden, faces were changing from… amazement to horrified looks. Fear took over on my family’s faces and there was steam coming out their ears!  It was a horrifying and terrifying sight. It was not an attractive look to look at! I heard panic, trucks zooming past, and waves crashing on the wharf! My heart was beating like crazy. What could be causing this crazy thing to happen?

I felt like I  was going to have a heart  attack. My family and random strangers were screaming, “Oh my god” “ what is happening to the bridge” “its going to fall over!” This is crazy! I was panting to myself “ do not panic Ruby, keep calm, just keep walking and do not scream!” I had sweat covering me all over I was shaking with horror. There was goosebumps all over me. I was speechless! There was a moment of silence.

It was like I was a pig! I had pig sweat, I couldn’t talk, I had goosebumps! I was even pink! I was definitely a pig! I just couldn’t feel it and you couldn’t see it!

I had never felt this fear before. I didn't know what to do because I had never been in this situation before! I was scared out of my lungs and I felt like I was going to die.

The vehicles had passed. It was over and done with. I saw steam going back into their ears. There was relief going through the bridge. People bellowed, thank god I'm alive and it's over. I thought, it's over, I'm alive and not hurt. I kept walking and calmed down.

When we got back and had crossed the bridge my parents added would you do that again? I insisted no, never in a million years will I do that again. It was a nice view though!! Been there done that and not doing it again! You don't see things like that happen very often, it's a once in a lifetime thing to do and see!