Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The dissapering Teacher!👓😧📚📖

I came to school at 8:00am in the morning for a great ordinary day. But..... Our teacher Nic wasn't there, I thought where could he be? I thought it must just be wacky Wednesday! 

The when I was doing my writing, then out of nowhere I saw him peek his face in the window! Then I saw him again at the window on the opposite side! I may be dreaming but I don't think I was, I think he may be a spy but I thought he was our teacher but he was wearing all black and then I saw a big black rocket with Nic flying it!

It was the end of the day and Nic raced and was acting like nothing had happened, but stuff had happened. The bell rang he zoomed straight off without even saying "good afternoon 6smallbubbles!" Then I definitely knew he was a spy!

Zero waste

WALT: keep NZ clean

A couple weeks ago it was keep NZ clean week a and a lady called Shirley came in and talked about reusing, recycling and wasting.

Wearable arts writing

Monday, 21 September 2015

Maths (decimal points, and fractions)

WALT: add and subtract numbers with decimal points, and fractions.

I think I did well at adding the tenths to make 1. Next time I think I could work on making the right numbers and put myself in the learning pit

3.6 + 5.6= 9.2 
How I worked it out:

10 of the little bugs make 1, so if you add 6 and 4 of the bugs it equals 1 of the big ones. Then you have 9 ones and 2 tenths.

Finishing answer= 9.2


Monday, 14 September 2015

Reading inquiry

WALT: get an idea about what you wanted to learn about. And get lots of ideas about and make a slide.

I think I did well at getting lots of little ideas about my big question. Next time I could work on finding somewhere where it drives my learning.




Ok, ok you don't need to tell me twice. YOU don't answer ME BACK madem. Get my food, yes sir. Make my bed NOW. YES, I'm going to go to bed now. but it's not a nice comfy KING bed like my boss its on the ground in a cage on the concrete. I wake up with rocks all over me I blink a little and open my eyes and my boss (ms trotter which is short for ms horse mouth) is staring down at me, WAKE UP she says. I jump, then I say to myself hello ms horse mouth, ops I hope she didn't hear that! But.. then she says what did you say lady ah-ah nothing ms. Get to work she says I have a list for you to do go have a shower now. Then get to work straight away. And have a shower in the hose! NOW!!! Then I go outside and there is no hose but there is a big puddle in front of me so I have a shower in that and get to work. Poowee that smells I think that had just a tad of poo in it. YUCK I wipe myself off and get to work. It's a hard knock life. STOP singing that now!!! You rotten kid. I hate this life,it's terrible and boring sorry I better get to work. come on get to work says miss horse mouth. Come on! Bye!!!